Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – AUG. 22ND, 2016
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HOT SHOTS – AUG. 22ND, 2016

HOT SHOTS – AUG. 22ND, 2016

Dear Ones, 

I’ve been working here for what I think of as a very long time and I finally got the promotion I’ve been working very hard to earn: I’m the greeter.

Hot Shots 019

I feel like all of my dreams have become realized and that I’m doing what I’ve always been truly meant to do.  Jon is the backup greeter for when I’m not here but everyone said that I do it with a lot more commitment and fervour.  Only one person who works here said that they prefer Jon’s greeting style over mine.  Ben said to Jon, “It’s kind of nice that you don’t yell, WELCOME TO YOUR JOB, like Ursula does.”

Let me take this opportunity–and greeting is just that; it’s an opportunity–to welcome YOU to YOUR job, too!  This is good work and it’s important work and like Red Green says, “I’m pullin’ for ya, we’re all in this together.”  It’s pretty easy to forget that your work is awesome, but maybe I can remind you that your work is awesome and that we are really glad that you are doing it.  We know it’s not easy.  We know it’s downright cray cray at the best of times, but that’s what happens, I think, when you decide to work with food, and good clean ethical food at that.  It takes wonderful people to make a wonderful world, and you’re doing it.

I tip my hat to you.  And I say, WELCOME TO YOUR JOB!



Yakima plums from Cawstone!  The prettiest!

Hot Shots 037


This is incredible.  This is organic passionfruit.

Hot Shots 054


Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from Origin-O!

Hot Shots 039


Fraserland green beans.

Hot Shots 032


Romanesco squash from Cawston.

Hot Shots 044


When my Dear friend Tess moved to Armstrong and started farming there she reported back with the most amazing of updates and the best most side splitting stories.  But her single most proud moment as a farmer, and something she never thought she’d ever get to say aloud was this: Ush, I grew a watermelon.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you grew a watermelon?

These are from Secrest in Oliver.  That’s right, these are BC watermelons.  Thanks, Secrest.

Hot Shots 040


Gold zukes from Forstbauer!

Hot Shots 010


And we’ve got white kadota ones, too.
And we’ve got ’em in clamshells, too.
And we love you, too.

Hot Shots 071


Round eggplant!

Hot Shots 052


Hot peppers mix from Forrest Nelson.  You can buy these by the pound.



Tomato season is beginning and I just want to be clear: If you place an order that does not have field tomatoes on it, we will hang up on you.  These are absolutely gorgeous and they taste like the sun.



Red radishes!

Hot Shots 031


Red nuggets!

Hot Shots 019


And now for our Rebel Foods update!

This is Cindy.  and she is holding a gorgeous box of Rebel Nectarines.  Cindy is a Dear friend of our fearless leader Annie Moss.  Cindy loves books and is happiest when her feet and her hands are filthy from her garden.  She grows sunflowers that are 18ft tall, dalias that are the size of my face, and she has a braid that could pull a tugboat.  Cindy is a Rebel.  be like Cindy.



And this is Kristy Loo Hoo with a box of Rebel bartlett pears.  Kristy enjoys such things as Christmas, Christmas and Christmas.  She is happiest when she is standing in the ocean and little fishes are swiming around her ankles.  Also, as you can see in this photo, let me be the first to tell you that out LITTLE LOO IS GOING TO BE A MOM!!!!!!!  Kristy is growing a human being in her body.  Kristy is a Rebel.  Be like Kristy.

Dear Ones,

There won’t be any Hot Shots for the next two weeks because I’m going on a holiday with Tess and a camper and we’re going to have just the best adventure.  Everyone here is so sad that I’m going away.  They’re all like, “it will be too quiet!  It will be so boring!”  And I’m all like, “you’ll be fine!” as I wipe away their tears.

I’m actually nervous that they might lock the door behind me when I go and demand proof that I work here when I get back.  I think it’s rather peaceful here when I’m not.

Until next time, stay warm, stay well, stay wild.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss


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