Discovery Organics | Hot Shots – Aug. 8th, 2016
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Hot Shots – Aug. 8th, 2016

Hot Shots – Aug. 8th, 2016

Dear Ones, 

Yesterday Kristy picked me up and took me away from my homework desk and to Deer Lake Park for the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival and I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit near Kristy when she’s oh so happy, but it’s like nothing else on earth.  You look over at her and she’s positively glowing and it emanates out of her and gets onto you, too.


There was a moment when she was on my left and my dear friend Kiki was on my right and Frazey Ford was singing her heart out which is a little bit like not a normal sound of a voice but more like the clouds have parted and a sound is streaming out of the heavens, and I looked at Kristy and she said, in our language of care, I luss you maluss, and I squeezed Kiki and she said, Let’s get old together.

I had been steeping in the juices of a bitterness I couldn’t quite crack and writing a paper I didn’t care about and just sort of bumming it on the spirit front, but all it took was being outdoors in barefeet, some friends and some music to make me feel right again.  We are so simple.  We are so uncomplicated.

So Kiki said, Let’s get old together.  Let’s save the world together.
I said, okay, that sounds good.
Kiki said, We’ll have matching rocking chairs.
I said, and cigars.
She said, and moles.  
I said, and sawed off shotguns.
And she said, yeah.  
I said: let’s get all our knitting and looking after other people’s children out of the way when we’re young so when we’re old we have time for arson.  
And she said, yeah.  

Anyway, those are our plans.  It’s good to have an idea of what your future looks like, you know?



Gorgeous kent mangoes!  These are amazing and SUPER affordable



Plantains!  Just last week I was looking at a desktop deep fryer.  It’s like a crock pot, you just plug it in but it’s also kind of like a keg of hot oil and I asked Annie if I could get one for my desk and she did not even dignify my question with a response.  She just looked at me.

So, needless to say, I don’t have one yet, but I’m working on it.  I’ve looked at recipes for plantain, and they all look like frying recipes, like this is the banana version of the potato.

Which means, obviously, awesome.



This is Troy Harker from Cawston.



And these are the heirloom cherry tomatoes that are in the black lugs in the photo above!



These are our little baby consumer packs of Rebel Foods peaches.  They are 5lbs of awesome peaches that are not fancy peaches.  They are not fancy, they are Rebel peaches.  This is Discovery’s version of an “ugly” food line, and to see how ugly means ugly, take a look at the photo below.



Ummmm…..NOT ugly.  These are our Rebel peaches.  These peaches are not fancy enough for straight up fancy retail.  But they’re fancy enough for me!  And the price is amazing.  Let’s change the world.  Let’s get this perfectly amazing fruit and veg into homes, find a market for what our growers now describe as a loss, and keep our resources IN our food system.  Good for you.  Good for our growers.  Let’s be Rebels.

I don’t know what these are called but I am going to just describe them.  They are round.  They are light purple.  They are eggplants.  They are from Cawston.

Also, I love baba ganoush and I made some last week and Brody and Stefan are total snobs who hated it but everyone else thought it was awesome and so I told on Brody and Stefan but they didn’t get in trouble, because as I was told by Kristy, they really hadn’t done anything wrong.

This was a very good point.

Eggplant is the food of the gods.  Baba ganoush is like the baby food of the baby gods.






Jalapenos from BC!



It’s zucchini time!

This is gold zucchini from Forstbauer Farm.



This is star ship squash from Oliver.



And this is sunburst squash from Oliver.

And if you don’t lock your doors when you’re in the valley, it’s your fault if when you come back, your car is full of zucchini.

It just IS. YOUR. FAULT.



Baby Bok Choy, Jr.  Brody said this about the Baby Bok Choy Jr. From Grasstoots: “People will buy it and then they will save it and try to keep them and love them like they are pets.”

This is true because they are SO CUTE!!!!!  They are miniature bok choy.  They are perfect.  They make me feel like I am a mountain.  Which is not so bad.  Mountains are pretty cool.


Ataulfos!  Yum!



These are our juice carrots from International Herbs and I took a picture of them to show you that they are a good size.  Otherwise, the thing about them that is the best is that they are so sweet!!!



And I found these and they are from 2EEs and I held them up but then I thought, I gotta go find someone so handsome to hold up these handsome beets.


And look who I found!  This is Bradley.  He is so handsome and also when he smiles you smile because you just get all happy feeling when he’s happy feeling (like Kristy, I guess), and also he has a British accent and I think everyone here gets a little swoony just to hear him talk no matter what he’s talking about and also, he’s kind.  So, that’s pretty much an A+ human being right there!

There are a bunch of those around here.  No desktop deep fryers, but some pretty great people.

Dear Ones,

Stay well, stay warm, stay full, stay bad to the bone, and no matter what it is that makes you happy, follow it all the way home.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss


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