Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – JUNE 5TH, 2016
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Dear Ones, 

This week I’ve had lots of moments to truly cherish the people who live above me, due to the incredible fortune of having found a new place to live that is just the cutest apartment you’ve ever seen.  I know some of you don’t live in Vancouver, but those of you who do, you know or have heard that for tenants in this town, it’s rough out there!  That’s why I ended up where I am, because it was above ground and had no carpet and had big windows……etc.

Hot Shots 004

But although I have been cherishing especially the little girls, who just this morning made me late for work because it was really important for them to show me how their cardboard box rocket ship “worked,” another thing that’s happened this week is that the landlords have been planning a “party” and it’s all anyone has heard about in our building, the “party.”  In preparation, the perfectly beautiful lawn was covered in astro turf, and an eye crossing sound system was installed outdoors, and about a metric tonne of coronas were delivered as well as a wheelbarrow filled with ice and 40s of Bacardi.  It was like a 14 year old boy’s true vision of heaven.  And the reason for the celebration?  Their son’s birthday.  Yesterday he turned….wait for it……you’re thinking 19, or 21, nope….he turned…..ONE.

I went to a beautiful gospel choir concert after work that had me teary and singing at the top of my little lungs in a big beautiful church in the middle of nowhere, and rode my bike home through the sweet night air and I could hear my house several blocks before I arrived home.  I truly considered riding right past my house, and sleeping in the park, but alas, I arrived home into smokey due to tiki torches backyard, where a rather inebriated bunch were yell/talking and “dancing” to a soundtrack of Aqua and Eminem.  I might have thought, my life is a toilet, but I have a new place to live so I waded through the crowd towards my front door the way one might carefully move though waters teeming with eels, I was nervous and observant and truly curious all at the same time.

I watered the garden this morning because I couldn’t do it last night and every time I moved the hose it hit an empty can.  The neighbour, Mrs. Singh was watering her garden too, and we both had the tousled look of people who haven’t slept, and the rattled look of someone who’s just been terrified.  “Good morning, Mrs. Singh,” I said.  “Hmmm,” she said.

“I’m moving, Mrs. Singh.”

“Me too,” said Mrs. Singh, and we laughed very much while we watered our respective gardens.

Hot Shots 002

These are the Choice grade green peppers from Longview.  I took a picture of them for you before I knew they were listed as Choice.  They’re so nice!



Beautiful ecopack tray packed yellow nectarines.  These are super yum once they ripen up.

Hot Shots 013


These are pluots.  Their parents are the apricot and the plum and they are divine, obviously.

Hot Shots 054


We’ve got just gorgeous tommy atkins mangoes that are fairtrade, undipped and full on yummy town.  Please call us for volume pricing, and get in on the magic.

Hot Shots 058


And perfect ataulfo mangoes!

Hot Shots 038


This is MJB.  He has the same initials as Mary J Blige and so we call him MJB.  His name is Mark.  He is holding a bouquet of artichokes.  If I’m honest, MJB did not particularly enjoy this activity that involved him holding a bouquet and being photographed.  MJB enjoys such things as finding gems at garage sales and reselling them, sun glasses and hip hop and pizza pops.  MJB LOVES pizza pops.  This young man has not an unkind bone in his body and I have a feeling that he’s everyone’s favourite.

Hot Shots 025


Red leaf from Similkameen!

Hot Shots 023


Black grapes!

Hot Shots 066


Red radishes from Myers farm in Aldergrove.

Hot Shots 033


Bunch daikon from 2EES!!!!  Super gorgeous.


Hot Shots 061


And this is Doug, our QC leader who helped me find the corn this morning.  I know it’s a dark photo, but I think you can see Doug’s soul in this photo.  He’s opening the corn because it looks great, and he’s checking to make sure the book matches its cover, and look at that fatherly smile on his face….you know what?  Doug cares the most of any person who works here, and we are a VERY caring bunch.  He brings his heart here and he lets it out all the time.  I love people like Doug.  It’s really brave to be like that.  The rewards are infinite, but it’s risky.  Good on ya, Doug.  We love you.

Hot Shots 012


PLUMS!!!!  Yesterday Jon and I shared a plum bite for bite.  I bit it and passed it to him, and then he passed it to me, and so on.  It was all very democratic until Jon took two bites, and I yelled and called him Donald Trump.

Hot Shots 009


And Dear Ones, I realize that these are not an average Hot Shots candidate, but I really wanted to show you these cots because they are our choice grade apricots, and I think that makes people afraid.  So I wanted to show you, this is what they look like.  They have a little bit of scarring.  They are blushy and big and they are not ripe yet, but still they are YUMMY, and they’re cheap.

Stay cool, stay well, stay hydrated and love thy neighbour.  Even when it’s hard. I wish I could bring my garden with me, but I think it’s good to leave a trail of beauty, right?  I’mma get the kids on a before bed watering schedule so I know my beans and sunflowers and sweet peas and basil will be well cared for.  I think they might be the most likely candidates to keep everything alive.  And also, they’re my friends.

Big Love,
Ursula Twiss

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