Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS – MAY 8TH, 2016
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Dear Ones,
Last night I went to Casa Escobar for dinner.  Blanca was trying out one of her mother’s recipes, something whose name I don’t remember but was having to do with pork cooked in tomatoey goodness and then served with rice and tortillas and this delicious salsa that Blanca made by frying whole jalapenos in oil and then blending with a little bit of water, lime juice and salt.  Blanca is from Oaxaca.  She and Heather met they fell in love.  Last night I saw in their photo album, a photo both of their wedding, and also their first wedding, their symbolic wedding.

Hot Shots 004

Ursula: Who are all the people in the background?
Heather: That’s everyone who came to our symbolic wedding.
Ursula: It looks like a whole town.
Heather: It was.  That’s pretty much the whole town, yes.

These two women fell in love when they were just barely grown, and you know, their house was the best one to go to on Mother’s Day weekend.  They’re such good moms, and their little one, Tessa, is a “spirited” child.  Which means that no one’s particularly worried about Tessa getting walked all over or steamrolled into doing anything she doesn’t want to do, but that on the flip side, sometimes parenting her is like grooming bulls, is like herding cats, is like directing a choir of hyenas.  In short: Tessa is rad.  In short, Heather and Blanca are rad.  In short, Happy Mother’s Day.

Dear Moms, we know it’s hard.  We know you rule.  And thank you.


Hot Shots 014


Little baby mini watermelon from Divine!  Alos, we’ve got bin and bins of watermelon.  We’ve got big ass watermelons and little itsy bitsy baby watermelon and everything in between, including cantaloupe and honey-I-do melons (wink–see what I did there?).


Hot Shots 013


These are the Elite ataulfo mangoes and we’ve got them in every size!  Aren’t they perfect!?!!?!?!


Hot Shots 016

And these are some 14 ct ataulfos for those of you who do better with yellow mangoes.  These are delicious.  At Casa Escobar you eat them with chili flakes and salt.


Hot Shots 017

Well, it sure isn’t apple season, but have you tried this apple?  It’s the Pine Apple.

Hot Shots 011



Hot Shots 020


It’s beginning folks, strawberry season.  There are finally enough to take a picture of.  It’s not On on, yet, but it’s on.  I know you know the difference.

Hot Shots 034


Bring in some FairTrade grapes for FairTrade month.

When I was little my mom told me that there were two reasons we didn’t eat grapes.  1).  “They are picked by people who are treated horribly.  We don’t support industry that treats people horribly.”  2). “They are COVERED in chemicals.  We don’t eat things that are covered in chemicals.”

There was a third reason, there was no way my mom could afford grapes, not even conventional grapes.

But also, my mom was on it.  These didn’t exist back then, Mom, but now they do.  These are for you, Mom, and now that we’ve almost all moved you, you can probably afford ’em.

Happy Mother’s Day, and also, thank you.  I love these values I’ve got.  Wonder where I got ’em from?

Hot Shots 039


Oh yeah, Red ones too.  I didn’t take a picture of the green ones because the green ones sell themselves, but we’ve got those too

Hot Shots 009



Hot Shots 006


Strawberry cherry tomatoes.  These are like miniature san marzano roma tomatoes, with a few more irregularities of surface, but they are a dry, dense roma like cherry tomato.  They’re amazing.

Hot Shots 047


Chokes!  Scooping garlic butter into your face since….1394.

Hot Shots 004


BC mixed heirloom tomatoes!!!!!

Hot Shots 051


And finally, BC romaine.

Blanca from Oaxaca cooks her mother’s recipes when she gets homesick in Canada, and with another beautiful woman, is raising a ferocious daughter who makes this world better.  Three cheers for Moms.  Thank you for loving us, for guiding us, for teaching us what you could, and for letting us go.

Dear Ones, let us stay humble, soft and free.

Big Mama Love,
Ursula Twiss


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