Discovery Organics | HOT SHOTS, MAR. 27TH, 2016
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HOT SHOTS, MAR. 27TH, 2016

HOT SHOTS, MAR. 27TH, 2016

Dear Ones,

It’s Spring and Spring makes me think about Love.  Not love like ewey gooey romance love, but about Good Love, like seeds breaking open in the dirt Love, like lil baby animals rushing into the world Love, like the smell of sticky poplar buds riding the chilly but not cold morning breeze Love.  My friend Tess who stays with me for about one week a month and is like a sister to me came into my room this week where I was reading myself to sleep.  She said, “Are you sleeping.”

Red bartlett


I was holding my book up in front of me.  I put my book down and said, “You think I would fall asleep holding a book in front of me?  If I was sleeping I would have dropped it.  Come on Tess, I’ve gold old lady tendencies for sure, but I’m not actually a senior citizen.”  She did not laugh and she got into bed.  She said, “I had to come to bed and read with you.”  She sounded very somber, very serious, very severe.  She said, “I thought, What am I doing watching a show while Ush is reading in there.  I should be spending time with her, not not with her.”  She sounded so solemn.  I laughed.  “I like reading by myself.  I wasn’t feeling lonely.”  And I continued reading.  I continued reading for about half a page longer before I noticed that Tess was not reading but watching me read.  I looked over at her big doe eyes and said, “why are you looking at me like that.”  She said, “Oh Ush.  If anything ever happened to you I would be just absolutely ruined.  I would be more upset if anything happened to you than if both of my parents were all of a sudden gone on the same day.”  At this I put my book down and I took my glasses off and I faced her.  I said, “What were you watching in there?”  She said, “I don’t really know but a lot of people got shot in the face.”

That night Tess in her sleep tried to actually occupy the space I was already occupying.  I would wake up and she would be on my side of the bed, cuddled up to me like a barnacle on the belly of a ship.  I was pissed.  I kept waking up with her arm draped across my face, or cold because she punched me and pushed me out from under the covers and almost off the bed, so deep is her eternal love.  At one point I woke up ready to physically remove her from my home by way of the bedroom window but I was struck when I woke up, by how beautiful she was.  And the very intersting thing about that thought, the Tess is so beautiful thought, is that I thought it in the darkest moment of night, right before the dawn; I was struck by how beautiful my friend was, and I wasn’t angry, and the thing is, I couldn’t actually see her.  It was too dark to actually see her, and so thinking that she was so beautiful was because of a feeling.  That feeling is Good Love.  Sister Love.  Old Love.  Kind Love.  I don’t want anything from you Love.  You just be you and I’ll just be me Love.  See you when I see you Love.

That feeling is sort of seldom in the winter months, or is hard to remind oneself of in the cold and the dark, howeve,r it’s an easy one to feel in very many moments in the Spring, because the world is alive with it, waking with it, positively errupting with it.  Happy Spring, Dear Ones.  Happy Spring and I wish you Happy Love.

These FairTrade grapefruits from Pragor Coop are alive with it!  These are very truly honestly the most delicious grapefruits that exist.  I promise.  I dare you to try them.  It’s something else.



Beautiful heirloom cherry tomatoes from Del Cabo!



Orange TOVs!  These are sweeter and less acidic than red tomatoes.  They are truly wonderful.

yellow toms


Gorgeous field cukes from mexus!



Tomatoes are a bit tight these days, and these are our 4×5 2 layer tomatoes.  They’re perfect.  Just like you.



Red bartletts!  Where have you been all my life!

Red bartlett

Red bunch radishes.



BC Chard!!!!  What the What?!?!?!?!?!?  This chard is from 2EEs.



Gorgeous gold bunch beets from Agrofrescos.  They come in a 12 ct.



And these are bunch CHIOGGIA BEETS.  You can see the stripey nature of the insides on the stems of the beets in the bunch.  Big bushy greens.

red beets


Doug and I are in a competition to sell this.  We got shipped these living green butter lettuce clamshells in place of watercress from Grower Pete.  They each come in a clamshell (weird) with their very own root ball (neat!).  There are 12 per case.  I want $15/case.  I also want to win.  It’s very important to me since I found a prize for our competition which is a used book that is a collection of short stories about thoroughbred horses.  It’s on.  Help me win.  Speaking of winning, last week’s Bud the Spud competition was won by Noreen from Nature’s Fare.  She called.  Jackie said, “Hi, Discovery Organics, this is Jackie.”  And Noreen said, “Hi Jackie,” and then she launched straight into song and she sang Bud the Spud by Stompin’ Tom Conners and she made us very happy and she got a prize.  Thank you, Noreen.  To make a long story about how awesome that was short, you rule.



Asparagus that is perfect and so beautiful and such a steal!  Make a big deal out of the season.  Build a tower of asparagus!  It will fly.



This is lemongrass.  We have it.  That is cool.



Shawna in QC took this picture of Sea Bluff’s growers, who brought these BC PARSNIPS here from Vancouver Island.  Yeah, I said BC PARSNIPS.  Before we came out with the camera and just after they unloaded these snips this couple kissed.  They just looked at each other and they kissed and it looked like such a miracle to me.  Wow.  Love.  Neat.



Dear Ones,

It’s on.  Stay cozy.  Stay fresh.  Stay bright.  We wish you Good Love, Old Love, Warm Love, Kind Love, Spring Love, Big Love,

Ursula Twiss


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