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Produce Updates

Produce Update-24 April 2015

We used to have a Fair Trade Day across Canada, which has slowly stretched to an entire month of Fairtrade promotions across the country, kicking off next Friday. Polling around the world has shown that consumers, more and more, are supporting Fairtrade products because of the worker rights protections that are one of the pillars of the movement. Recent protests, marches and blockades across Baja over the past 2 months have brought the endemic problems relating to wages and working conditions of field workers to the forefront, a wake-up call reported in major dailies across the US and Canada.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 22 2015

Stefan: A new load of Fairtrade Avocado arrived this week. These are later season crop so quite high in oil content. Origino is into strong production on all items with promotable volume on cucumber and tomato. Two EEs in Surrey is getting us a good shot of chards and dandelion this week. The sunshine and summery weather really has helped. Roots is gapping on rhubarb now for a little bit but we do have some nice Easter Egg radishes from them.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 17 2015

What a crazy week – nothing is ever perfect, but the perils of weather and transportation certainly took their toll.  We had a truck full of Agrofresco /Ecocampo greens stuck in Utah for 2 days because of dust storms with 120 km/h winds closing highways.  Another truck, trying to pick up avocado and grapefruit was stuck between Aptzingan and Nueva Italia, in Michoacán, with blockades of huge rocks and burning tires in both directions as another clash between vigilantes and military police broke out.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 15 2015

Ouch!   Watch your retails for the next few days and we’ve had to make many price corrections for the second half of the week – the California transition from the desert South to the coastal Salinas areas is not going well – either crops are late or there has been another surge of growth of organics, but it’s a sellers’ market, if there is anything to sell.  If I was a sales rep for a major organic greens supplier, I would be hiding under my desk.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 10 2015

Just for fun we looked at the price list produce update from this day a year ago, and we would literally only have to change a couple of sentences and it would be completely accurate – nearly every market factor is identical.  The most demanding market we are looking at right now is avocados.  Only now are producers seeing the actual damage to the crops from the unprecedented hail storms a month ago.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 8 2015

Jodi: I don’t know how it’s already April 8, but here we are! Navels are ending, valencias are going strong and grapefruit is in abundant supply. Lemon prices are slowly inching up, but nowhere near as high as lime prices. We’re entering what in years past has been the expensive season for limes with prices reaching as high as $200/case.READ MORE

Produce Update-April 3 2015

Hey, are you coming to town for the CHFA show?  Let us know if you want to come by.  Or come visit us at the Fairtrade Canada booth (1820).  Or join us at the independent grocery tradeshow on the 13th and 14th!

Note pragor grapefruit and limes on list won’t arrive until Tuesday because of long weekend border congestion in Mexico.PRODUCT OF MEXICO | Day 1 | Labor camps


Produce Update-April 1 2015

Stefan: Well this weather has done wonders for the local growing season to start. It looks like Myers farm is ready to ship us their early lettuce, chards and kales tomorrow which is the best start ever for local lettuce. Oh wait that’s just an April fools joke. Gotcha!READ MORE

Produce Update-March 27 2015

Wow, is it ever spring!  Most of you are likely experiencing what we are on the Coast, with temperatures 10C above normal.  There seems to be no end in sight to this amazing run of warmth and it’s sure to bring on summer greens weeks earlier than what we used to call ‘normal’.  Generally speaking, the season has started early right down the Coast, and temperatures across the Salinas / Watsonville area are perfect. READ MORE

Produce Update-March 25 2015

Randy: Mexican farm workers have gone on strike and thrown up barriers across highways in many areas of Northern Mexico including Baja.  These people are migrant labourers from the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, who are consistently abused by large corporate Mexican farms, who bring them to the north for the winter growing season.  We have been there and seen it, and have purposely not bought from farm operations we identified as being poor employers.