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It’s time to be a REBEL!

We are very slowly launching a whole new program of non-retail grade root crops, which will extend to a wide variety of produce that would otherwise never grace your racks or your customer’s tables.

We’ve taken a rather political and humorous stance – expect to see more and more REBEL products listed soon

Buy some Rebellious potatoes TODAY!REBELFOODDESIGN



HOT SHOTS, Nov. 23rd, 2015

Dear Ones,

Last night I came home and said to Tess, “I’m going to write a very long paper about ecocriticism and Clayoquot Sound and then we’re going to learn to dance the Irish jig.”

She said, “I already know how to do that, don’t you?” and then she did dance a jig, I guess, by kicking quite a lot with pointed toes and lots of pony skips.  But I said, “not like that.  It’s got more rules.  It’s got sidekicks and front kicks and it’s all very organized.”






Local apple supply is still strong, with lots to choose from

With hard frost the last two nights in the Fraser Valley and colder weather to come, consider local season done, including Washington and Oregon – except for those few cold hardy greens like Brussels sprouts, collards and leeks, what was harvested yesterday, and a few brave souls who have covered their crops with hoop houses and row cover to stop the frost.  Supply on greens out of the south is awkward this week only because it just always is the week of US Thanksgiving.  It has been raining quite a bit in southern California, good for groundwater, bad for harvesting, which is fueling higher prices on things that shouldn’t be as expensive as they are, like kale.   Quick note:  OriginO is done with LE cukes for the season – gotta wait 3 months before you see more!  Another quick note:  Fairtrade Eggplant, first time we’ve listed it now on its way from Francisco Tepia at Rico Farm – awesome!

20100825 Abbott Acres apples




HOT SHOTS, November 14th, 2015

Dear Ones,

My dearest friend Tess is a farmer is Armstrong BC, and during the winter she stays with me.  Last winter I was in Nelson and had lots of extra time and lots of extra room, this year however, I’m in East Van and my friend Tess has to sleep in my bed with me because the only other option is a loveseat.  Last night I woke up and noticed that Tess wasn’t in the bed anymore and I got up to investigate.  She was curled up on the loveseat.  I said, “Tess, why are you sleeping out here instead of in the bed?”  And she said, “You make so much noise even when you’re sleeping, Ush.  You’re like a tractor.  I hate tractors.”

Coke Farm





With so many factors in play, is to watch your retails

California weather becomes much more important this time of year as we transition south for most crops, so we won’t talk much about local conditions except to say that the season is winding down very quickly, with marginal amounts of field clean-up left, and after days and days of winter-like deluges, fields are beyond muddy.  Unfortunately, the same is true in California, with disintegrating farm conditions throughout the Central Valley and coastal California.  Windstorms, power outages, snow close to the deck just north of L.A., even a couple of tornados, and with those conditions, harvests are severely interrupted.  To add to that, the transition on many crops will be ugly – not for all, and not all at once, but the combination of crappy (although much needed) weather, and the huge Thanksgiving draw down are impacting both supply and pricing.

sundance 2 (32)

Fruit isn’t affected, and with a burst of orange varieties about to hit, good volumes on pomegranates, and a few grapes left, things are fairly seasonal, but on the veg front, times are going to be lean.  We also had rain delays in Mexico, as well as a holiday this weekend, so our next Agrofresco load won’t arrive until the weekend.

So the message for the next 2 weeks, with so many factors in play, is to watch your retails.  Prices on broccoli are up 60-80% going forward, and expect higher pricing on lettuce, tough going on spinach, and romaine hearts as well.

Roots are all stable.  You will see a few price adjustments on apples as we transition on some varieties south to Washington and local supply prices wander up and down as fruit runs thin.





Some news about our friend Monsanto and GMO’s

Just some quick notes on this holiday, and gap between storms – another deluge is forecast for coastal BC tonight, stretching into the interior, with another 100mm of rain expected – El Nino or not, and despite seasonal forecasts from the Canadian Weather Office, Europe Met Services and NOOA which called for an extra mild fall with normal rain –well, those are out the window – this is obviously payback time for that rainless 6 months we sweated through.