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Produce Update-January 14 2015

Stefan: Tomatoes and cucumbers are back on track and quality is superb. Zucchini is still missing in action for the most part so grab it when you can as it’s selling out as fast as it comes in. Beans from Nature’s Nectar are just starting up now. READ MORE


Produce Update-January 9 2015

There are critical supply issues on a wide range of commodities right now, however things are improving quickly, and there’s a procession of trucks aimed north.  Several factors have stacked up against us over the last couple of weeks.  The weather in the southern deserts was abnormally warm through the fall, so crops came on faster than expected – some rotations were up to 3 weeks early, which had us aiming for a 3 week period of tight supply starting about now.READ MORE


Produce Update-January 7 2015

Stefan: Warmer weather has returned to some parts of California and Mexico but with the freeze happening the next few days all across the USA it for sure will mean more pressure on supply. With no Texas or Florida production it means all of North America is depending on California and Mexico for produce supply. Field cucumbers are virtually non-existent again. TOVs are in that same boat. Long English are still rolling along. Lots of pepper production now from areas further south in Mexico. Eggplant is in a minor gap between suppliers so it’s tight for a bit.



Peru & Ecuador May 2014

Here is an update on the trip we took to Peru in May.

There were four of us (Randy, Mark, Iain and Julie)

 La Grama’s avocado growers

La Grama

Rodrigo Bedoya is one of the 3 founders of La Grama, and was kind enough to pick us up at our hotel in Lima at 6am Monday morning and drive us all the way to Moro to introduce us to some of the avocado growers he works with.  It was a good 5 hour drive north, along the coast that gave us a chance to see some of Peru’s typical landscapes. We went through desert, desert, rice fields, desert, asparagus and cane sugar fields; and some more desert.  At the end of a winding road in an arid valley where nothing but cactus grows Domingo Guzman’s and Jonan’s chakras (small farm) represent a pretty amazing avocado oasis.



Hosthots-3 March 2015

Happy Sunday Dear Ones!

Hope you are all doing well and feeling fine :)

Here is a snap of last night co-worker Blanca’s band called MNGWA (ming-wah) performed at the Backstage Lounge on Grandville Island!!

Its name is taken from a giant cat that once stalked the jungles of Eastern Africa.


Mixing in elements of psychedelic rock, dub, African rhythms and vocals in four languages. This is show was the bomb!



Hotshots-22 February 2015

Howdy dear Ones!

What a spectacular weekend it was. Sun was shining and I believe still shining on this beautiful Sunday! Hope all of you had a chance to get outside and get some much needed Vitamin D. I certainly did! Went hiking and fed the hungry Whisky Jacks at the top of the mountain. One word, bliss.


 It’s all about Fair Trade this week! Now let’s have a look at what I discovered: